Agricultural Machinery

34 Years Leading

The mechanisation of Sudan's agricultural sector introducing advanced machinery packages.


CTC Engineering is leading the mechanisation of the agricultural sector in Sudan improving productivity and yield.

The company offers a portfolio of integrated mechanised solutions in partnership with global manufacturers.

01Farmers' Choice

Over the past 34 years, CTC Engineering products have become the number 1 choice for many farmers all over the country due to their performance, reliability and after sales support.

02Corporate Farming

CTC Engineering also provides customised solutions to address the growing and complex needs of the corporate farming sector in Sudan.

03Sugar Industry

We continue to play a pivotal role in developing the sugar industry in Sudan through the provision of cutting edge technology that continuously improves productivity and yield.

Agro Technology

CTC Group is the leading independent private sector company and is pioneering the transfer and implementation of world-class agro technologies into the Sudanese agricultural sector addressing farmers' needs across the agricultural cycle.

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After Sales


CTC Engineering strives to maintain the highest standards in after-sales service by investing in a strong customer support network that includes:

01 Qualified Engineers & Technicians

Employing over 100+ qualified engineers and technicians to be able to offer our customers the best after-sales service and technical support.

02 Service Points

With over 40 Service Points across multiple states, we are closer than ever to our customers offering them the support they need particularly during production season.

03 Mobile Workshops

We deploy a fleet of over 32 mobile workshops to be able to extend our customer service support into more remote and hard to reach areas especially during rainy season when access is limited.

04 Parts & Machinery Dealers

By establishing a large dealer network for Parts & Machinery, we have made it much easier for our customers to find genuine spare parts and equipment within reasonable proximity to production areas.

05 Training Centres

We offer technicians and operators the opportunity to learn, develop and upskill themselves through our training facilities that run training programs with very high international standards and quality.

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Our Products

A comprehensive product portfolio that caters to the needs of the different farming communities in Sudan and the variety of crops grown offering solutions from sowing to harvest and post-harvesting.

Combine Harvestors

Jumil Grain Harvester

Axial Flow Combines

Combine Harvester (TC5000 Series)


TT75 Tractor

T8.390 Tractor

Farmwall 110 Tractor

Maxxum 125 Tractor

Puma 155 Tractor

Puma 180 Tractor

Puma 210 Tractor

T7060 Tractor

T6070 Tractor

TD5.110 Tractor

TD90 Tractor

Hay Making

Autostack Bale Loader

Automatic Bale Wagon

Haybine Mower Conditioner

Large Square Baler

Small Square Baler


Rolabar Hay Rakers

Cotton Pickers

Module Express Pickers

Sugar Cane Harvesters

Sugarcane Harvester 8000

Land Preparation

Chisel Cultivator

Chisel Plough

Disc Ridger

Disc Harrow

Land Leveller

Mounted Disc Plough


Nardi Planter

Sola Planters


Patriot 3230 Sprayer

Our Brands

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Our Brands


CTC Group is an independent, socially responsible, and engaged organisation.

We are committed to behave ethically, contribute to sustainable development and improve the quality of life of our workforce and their families.

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