We are committed to the achievement of the United Nations SDGs by 2030.


At CTC Group we recognise our responsibilities as a leading company and the impact of our operations on society and the environment.

Under our tagline “ Moving Forward ” we strive to touch lives in all walks of life.

01Socially Responsible

We firmly believe that value creation is very much dependent on the integration of social, environmental and financial performance. We ensure that all our products and services meet these considerations.

02Committed Culture

Our CTC Group values greatly reflect our committment towards a more sustainable way of doing business. We are also signatories to the UN Global Compact which further aligns our focus on sustainability.

03Positive Impact

We have embraced our role and responsibilities as a leading coporate with a significant footprint and reach to innovate and deliver positive impact particularly on local communities.

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Our Purpose


CTC Group was founded with a vision to develop not just a thriving business, but an enterprise that would benefit the people of Sudan by providing them with products and services that enhanced their quality of life.

Our Impact

Whether it is agricultural inputs, household appliances, construction machinery, telecommunication, automobiles, or information technology – CTC Group has always held the view to fulfill a larger societal purpose and to bring economic prosperity that transcends the marketplace and into the homes of people in Sudan.

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UN Global Compact

UN Global Compact

CTC Group is a signatory to the UN Global Compact as a committment to play our part in ensuring ethical and sustainable business practices are adhered to for the greater benefit for all.

SDG #1

No Poverty

CTC Group is committed to increasing agricultural production sustainably through the transfer and adoption of agro technology introducing machinery and equipment, agricultural inputs & best practices that increase productivity especially for staple crops such as sorghum which is the staple food for many Sudanese people.

SDG #2

Zero Hunger

CTC Group is committed to promote sustainable agriculture to smallholder farmers and their communities and engages in various capacity building and in-field support to achieve positive impact.

SDG #8

Decent Work & Economic Growth

CTC Group is promoting decent employment and work conditions for its staff through the introduction of social protection measures free of charge, door-to-door transportation, and subsidized breakfast at work.

SDG #15

Life on Land

CTC Group continues to promote agricultural best practices that protect the local ecosystems by ensuring farmers are given the right technology packages, precision agricultural machinery, adequate training and supervision, beneficial off-take agreements, all in an effort to ensure that local forests, rich soils, endangered species are not encroached upon.

SDG #17

Partnerships for the Goals

CTC Group welcomes partnerships with high impact that serve the local communities in Sudan, whether farmers to improve farming practices, entrepreneurs to develop their business endeavourers, or skilled labour to secure livelihood for them & their families from working as authorized technicians to household electronics & appliances.

CTC Foundation

CTC Group has a deep belief in its social responsibility and devotes a lot of time and effort to community needs and interests and to ensuring friendly relations with the community and environment.

CTC Group’s CSR programs are not provided as philanthropy or charity, rather they come in the context of its responsibility towards these communities and because of our focus on society and the environment.

The CTC Foundation has extensive engagements in the areas of public health, education and poverty alleviation, with a particular focus on capacity building in the agricultural community. The CTC Foundation also supports many local youth and cultural organisations as well as promoting entrepreneurship amongst youth in Sudan.

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