PINK October 2020: A Holistic Approach to Women's Health

31 Oct 2020

Breast Cancer Awareness Event brings female staff together for a day of learning and stress relief

CTC Group, once again in collaboration with Haggar Group, held an event for their female employees to help raise awareness around health and social issues related to breast cancer. “PINK October” has become a staple event in the group since 2019’s successful campaign. This year, the group wanted to try a fresh, new approach and tackled the issue of Breast Cancer Awareness from a holistic point of view.

Under the slogan #YourStrengthIsYourHealth (قوتك_صحتك#), the group brought attention to the importance of not only precautionary methods such as early detection and diagnosis, but also long-term preventative methods rooted in lifestyle changes. Physical and mental health go hand-in-hand with disease prevention. That is why the group was delighted to bring in specialists from different fields, including doctors and consultants from Khartoum Breast Cancer Center (KBCC), a nutritionist, psychologist, and a yoga instructor.

Our female employees as well as Haggar Group’s had the opportunity to receive advice on various health matters in order to foster a more well-rounded attitude towards their health. There was an emphasis on maintaining mental health, an oft-neglected subject. They also had a chance to join a yoga session aimed at introducing them to habits for stress relief and daily exercise – essential components of physical health.

We thank everyone who participated in this event and made it a success!





Author: CTC Group

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