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CTC Automotive


CTC Group has been in the Automotive business for over two decades. Through this experience CTC Group works towards delivering passenger and commercial vehicles that suit the Sudanese market. CTC Group has signed an exclusive agency agreement with TATA Motors as the sole distributor in Sudan. TATA Motors has more than half a century of impressive presence and it continues to provide top of the line commercial vehicles. TATA Motors is India’s largest and among the world’s top five medium and heavy commercial manufacturers.


With over 130 models providing a wide variety of commercial transport solutions. A vehicle for every application – you name it we have it! From 2 ton LCVs to 40 ton tractor trailers and buses that can seat 16 people to as many as 67 passengers. From Tippers to Special Purpose Vehicles, to 6×4 and 4×4 Off-Road Vehicles and Defense Vehicles – TATA Motors covers the entire range.


CTC Automotive has also entered into a new partnership with IVECO to avail a comprehensive range of trucks that include fitted trucks, tractor heads, rigid and articulated heavy duty trucks, and other specialized vehicles.

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