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Technology Transfer Centres

CTC Group encourages the transfer of modern agricultural practices aligned with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) meeting strict international standards in providing the safest and best quality of inputs, meeting community interests as well as protecting the environment.

Most of Sudan’s farmers are considered subsistence farmers, around 9.5million, with very limited use of technology and necessary inputs as well as applying traditional agricultural practices. Our centres work closely with local communities to introduce modern agricultural practices as well as agro-technology packages.

Our teams conduct field demonstrations and educational seminars to increase awareness and share success stories between farmers to reduce the reluctance to change and increase the adoption rate of best practices

Another key objective of our TTCs network is to introduce and train farmers on the various mechanized solutions available depending on size and crop. This also requires a special focus on smoothening the supply of inputs/ implements and spare parts especially in-season

The TTCs are staffed with qualified agronomists, agro-engineers, and technicans all of which are there to provide agricultural advice to farmers