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NamePrincipalCropTypeActive IngredientDescription
COLLIS SC BASFTOMATO FUNGICIDEBOSCALID - KRESOXIM - METHYLA systemic fungicide with a special and a homogenous mixture. Contains two active ingredients working together to eliminate the fungus in early stages.
FASTAC 10% EC BASFTOMATO - ONION - COTTONINSECTICIDEALPHACYPERMETHRINA pyrethroid insecticide works on pest elimination by affecting the nervous system of the pest either through direct contact or swallowing.
FOCUS ULTRA 100 EC BASFSESAME , ALFALFAHERBICIDECYCLOXDIMA herbecide used To control annual and perennial grasses threatening the growth of the crops.
PREIMS 25 FS BASFCOTTON - WHEAT - SORGHUM - SESAMEFUNGICIDETRITICONAZOLEA systemic fungicide used for seed treatment and control of roots and soil borne in Cotton, Sorghum and Wheat.
STOMP AQUA 450 SC BASFCOTTON - SUGARCANE - SUNFLOWER - OnionHERBICIDEPENDIMETHALINa selective herbicide used to control pre emergence of seasonal weeds and some broad leaf weeds.
CHLORCID 48% EC BHARAT INSECTICIDESWHEATINSECTICIDECHLORPYRIFOSA non-systemic insecticide for the control of Aphids and other insects and pests.
CYPERCID 25% ECBHARAT INSECTICIDESTOMATO - PUBLIC HEALTHINSECTICIDECYPERMETHRINA pyrethroid insecticide used to control a wide range of insects and pests
CYTHION 50% ECCOROMANDELTOMATOINSECTICIDEMALATHIONAn organophosphate insecticide which eliminates the insects by attacking the insect’s nervous system, with low toxicity and residue.
ROUND UP 48% SLMONSANTO TOTAL WEED KILLERHERBICIDEGLYPHOSATEA non selective systemic herbicide used to control all kinds of weed
CLINIC 360 SL NUFARMTOTAL WEED KILLERHERBICIDEGLYPHOSATEA non selective systemic herbicide used to control all kinds of weed
DICOPUR 720 SLNUFARMSORHUM AND WHEATHERBICIDE2,4-D AMINEHerbicide for control of broad weed
GIZMO SUPERNUFARMWHEAT AND SORGHUMINSECTICIDE + FUNGICIDEIMIDACLOPRID - TEDUCONAZOLE A ready mix product fungicide used for Wheat and Sorghum seed treatment.
NUPRID MAX 363 FSNUFARMCOTTONINSECTICIDE + FUNGICIDEIMIDACLOPRID - TEDUCONAZOLE A ready mix product used for cotton seed treatment. Safe to use with minimum loss while using.
FLUENT 12.5 EC SHARDA INTERNATIONALONION, SESAME ,ALFALFAHERBICIDEFLUOZIFOP - P - BUTYLA selective herbicide used for postemergence control of annual and perennial grass weeds
SHAROXY 24% ECSHARDA INTERNATIONALONION & COTTONHERBICIDEOXYFLUORFENA selective pre emergence herbicide for controlling narrow leaf weeds.
SHAR-SUPER 75 WDGSHARDA INTERNATIONALSORGHUMHERBICIDECHLORSULFURONA selective herbicide in the form of water dispersible granules for the control of Striga (Buda) in Sorghum at the recommended dose.
SHIRAM 25% DPSHARDA INTERNATIONALSORGHUMSEED DRESSORTHIRAMA fungicide (seed treatment) to prevent fungal diseases (seed snd soil borne) in Sorghum
DENIM FIT 50 WGSYNGENTATOMATO, POTATO, ONIONINSECTICIDELUFENURON + EMAMECTIN BENZOATEA broad spectrum mixed insecticide used to fight a wide range of worms & thrips.
DUAL GOLD 960 EC SYNGENTASORGHUM, SUNFLOWER & SUGARCANEHERBICIDES - METALOCHLORA herbicide used to fight grass weeds in various crops such as sorghum, corn & sunflower.
GARDOPRIM PLUS GOLD 500 SCSYNGENTAMAIZE , SORGHUMHERBICIDES - METALOCHLOR + TERDUTHYLAZINEA soluble herbicide use for control Broad leaf weeds & grasses. it fights weeds through disrupting the processes of cell division and photosynthesis before its emergence above the soil.
GESAGARD 500 FW SYNGENTACOTTONHERBICIDEPROMETRYNA selective herbicide that provides effective control both pre- and post-emergence of a wide range of annual broad-leaf and grass weeds.
SEED STAR 42 WSSYNGENTASORGHUM, COTTON, MAIZE, LEGUME, MILLITINSECTICIDE + FUNGICIDEMEPHNOXAM + DIPHENCONAZOLEA Systemic seed treatment fungicide anf insecticide to control insects and soil-borne diseases
TOPIK 80 ECSYNGENTAWHEAT, SESAMEHERBICIDECLODINAFOP - PROPARGYLA selective and systemic post emergence herbicide used to control grasses and weeds in wheat crop.
CYRUX 10% EC UPLONION, COTTON, TOMATOINSECTICIDECYPERMETHRINA non systemic pyrathroid insecticide which is used to control and fight a wide range of insects such as the white fly and thrips
FENKILL 20% EC UPLONION, COTTON, OKRA, TOMATOINSECTICIDEFENVALERATEA pyrathroid , non - systemic soluble insecticide that works on a wide range of insects on many crops
QUICKPHOS 57 TABUPLALL GRAINSINSECTICIDEALUMINUM PHOSPHIDEIs a fumigant insecticide for the control of store pests.
SAAF 75% WPUPLTOMATOFUNGICIDECARBENDAZIM 12 % + MANCOZEB 63%A prophylactic and curative fungicide, with two active ingredients to give the ultimate protection.
SWEEP 41% SLUPLTOTAL WEED KILLERHERBICIDEGLYPHOSATEAnon selective systemic herbicide used to control all kinds of weeds
ALISO 70 WPUPLTOMATOHERBICIDEMETRIBUZINA selective herbicide used to control broad leaf weeds in Tomato and some field crops.
CEKUTHOATE 40% ECUPLEGGPLANTINSECTICIDEDIMETHOATEA systemic insecticide with contact effect used to fight sucking and chewing insects in vegetable and horticultural crops and cotton.
JUGAL 20% SLUPLPALM DATE, TOMATOINSECTICIDEImidaclopridAn insecticide used for the control of a wide scale of insects and pests in vegetables