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What We Do

CTC Group is the leading independent private sector company operating in the Sudanese agricultural inputs and agro technology sector with three specialized companies delivering an integrated range of products and services across the agricultural cycle:


CTC Agrochemicals – the leading player in the field of agricultural inputs, providing technology packages such as agrochemicals, fertilisers, hybrid and improved seeds and pesticides application equipment.


CTC Engineering – has partnered with the world’s largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment, providing tractors, harvesters and tools customised for Sudan.


CTC Farms – established the first modern nurseries in Sudan for the production of seedlings and their distribution to greenhouses and fields to ensure quality of production.

Combine Harvesters

CTC Engineering offers an extensive variety of high and low power harvesting equipment designed to meet the needs of a vast range of users and cover a wide range of crops in Sudan such as Wheat, Sorghum, Sun flower, Corn, Cotton, Sugar Cane…etc.)

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Cotton Pickers

CTC Engineering offers the best cotton harvesting solutions to maximize productivity in the field.

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Hay Making Equipment

CTC Engineering Hay & Forage harvesting solutions range from mowers, speedrowers and balers,  to bale wagons and silage tools.

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Land Preparation Equipment

CTC provides all the necessary implements and equipment to suit all types of soil and crops that will reduce the farmers' effort, cost, and preparation time.

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CTC promotes the mechanization of the seeding process using sophisticated implements to ensure plant density and optimal distribution of seeds in the field.

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From self-propelled to mounted or trailed sprayers, CTC Engineering offers the full range of sprayers from world class manufacturers.

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Sugar Cane Harvesters

CTC Engineering is the sole distributor of Case IH Austoft sugarcane harvesters, the world leader in cane-harvesting technology and dependability.

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CTC Engineering supplies a comrehensive range of tractors to suite the needs of small scale- farmers as well as medium and large scale corporate farms. Our Offerings range from 75 HP through 500 HP.

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Agriculture Inputs

CTC Group encourages the transfer of modern agricultural practices aligned with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) meeting strict international standards in providing the safest and best quality of inputs from reputable global suppliers. CTC Group is committed to meeting community interests as well as protecting the environment.

Seeds Products


CTC Agrochemicals provide farmers with high-quality seeds for sustainable, healthy and high yielding crops which in return ensure farmers productivity and profitability

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Pesticides Products


CTC Agrochemicals holds a large registration portfolio offering a wide range of pesticides catering for multiple crops in the various regions of Sudan. CTC Agrochemicals represents a number of leading multinational companies in this field of crop protection accounting for over 30% of the local demand for agrochemicals in the public and private sectors.

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Fertilizers Products


CTC Group has long been a prominent supplier of fertilizers to the Sudan market. CTC Agrochemicals is active in the import of NPK & specialty fertilizers to meet the macro and micro – nutrient needs of high value crops and organic agricultural products. CTC Agrochemicals strives to supply high quality fertilizers that are suitable for the environment’s preservation, yet leading to improved farming performance.

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Sprayers Products


CTC Agrochemicals offers heavy duty manual and motorized Backpack sprayers, also commonly called Knapsack sprayers. The sprayers comes with a capacity of 16L & 20L with 3 nozzle types that make spraying insecticides, fungicides and herbicides almost effortless eliminating the possibility of pump leakage providing safety and efficiency.

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