CTC Spirit Day – Celebrating #theBigMove!

On Friday 2nd of February, our employees celebrated the grand opening of the brand new CTC Group Complex – our flagship agro technology transfer centre located in Khartoum North. The celebration was a community affair; employees brought their families and were part of the festivities sharing and rejoicing in the cheerful atmosphere. We held our own photo-booth to not miss-out & document the memories commemorating our #CTCSpirit!

A main feature of the event was the screening of the heart-felt journey we call #TheBigMove – our own short-film that took the crowd through the emotions, the packing and unpacking, and the goodbyes as people settled into their new offices.

Paying homage to the Giants behind CTC who served, witnessed & experienced the many chapters of the Group, and of course, giving the well-deserved Thank You(s) to the incredible team at Real Estate & Development (RED) our in-house design and construction team who delivered this project.

The highlight of the evening – and the crowd-favorite – the CTC Musical Coral gave us a surprise performance before the wonderful Ms. Nancy Ajaj took to the stage to serenade the crowd with soulful tunes & music.

#CTCSpirit is kept alive in a community that works together to remain united, growing richer in the process.

Check out the event’s photo gallery here.

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